Spring 2016 Outcomes

  • 20 graduates
  • Percent NOT reading to kids prior to Baby U: 67%
  • Percent reading to kids daily AFTER Baby U: 83%
  • Average number of books in the home available to their children prior to Baby U: 3
  • Average number of books in the home available to their children after Baby U: 41
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Winter 2016 Outcomes

  • 20 graduates
  • 25 Getting Ahead participants

Before Baby U:

  • 40% of parents reported never reading to their child
  • 60% reported reading less than 5 times per week
  • 0% read to their child every day
  • Average number of children's books available in the home before Baby U: 8
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Getting Ahead Survey Results

Participants will be surveyed at the end of each Getting Ahead class, 6 months later, and 1 year later.

The Getting Ahead Class started with 25 participants and finished with 16. 6 people attended on and off, but they did not attend enough to graduate. 3 participants dropped out, one because of illness, one because of a job, and one stayed home with the kids so that the spouse could attend.

Initial results include:

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Baby University Graduate Class

Once a parent has graduated from Baby U, they are invited to continue their education by returning for our Graduate Program.

Classes have included Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Job Skills, Parenting, and Bridges Out of Poverty Getting Ahead.

Classes are offered at the same time on Saturday mornings so that parents can take advantage of the childcare offered at that time as well.

Parent Advocates

At Baby University, a Parent Advocate is someone who pleads the cause of another.

Each Baby U parent is assigned their own Parent Advocate. PA’s meet with them via home visits, connecting them to important community resources, and answering any parenting questions they may have.

100% of our graduates have been connected to some kind of community resource after attending Baby U, including grocery assistance, clothing assistance, safe housing, and connection to health and mental health resources.

Lori Patton West has been working as a Parent Advocate for years.

Margie Ocampo is another Parent Advocate.

Baby University Curriculum

Baby University uses the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum.

Recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and included in the Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices, Nurturing Parenting includes classes that improve parenting attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors; reduce child abuse and neglect; improve children’s behavior and attitudes toward parenting; and increase and improve family interactions.

For more on the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum see www.nurturingparenting.com

Baby University Outcomes

2018 Was a Great Year!

  • 200 families were connected to over 1,000 Social Services.
  • 145 Parents attended Baby University Parenting Workshops.
  • Parenting Skills increased by 40% on Pre/Post test scores.
  • 100% of Baby U families now have a home library of children’s books.
  • Baby U families now read to their children 6 days/ week as opposed to 3 days/week prior to attending!

Outcomes for previous years.

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