Giving Families a Future Story

Our Mobility MentoringTM informed approach uses the following tools to give families the skills they need to navigate the difficult road out of poverty and empower families to achieve their goals.

  • The Bridge to Self Sufficiency: A visual illustration with clear, attainable steps to self-sufficiency.
  • Goal setting: Parents are taught to set SMART goals for themselves during class. A trained mentor meets one-on-one to walk the family through the process of setting and achieving their goals.
  • Coaching: Poverty’s chaos can cause significant deficits in a person’s ability to problem solve, control impulses, make decisions and achieve long term goals. These are the very skills needed to achieve independence. Interactions with a mentor provide opportunities for parents to practice these skills while problem solving in their own personal situations.
  • Incentives: Research shows that offering even small incentives for goal achievement can have significant impact