Our Mission

Our Mission is to equip parents for the vital role they play in their child’s development and education, empowering their journey to self-sufficiency. Baby University lives out its mission by engaging parents in 10-week parenting workshops using the evidence based Nurturing Parenting Curriculum and home visits with a Community Health Worker. The Community Health Worker connects families with vital community resources such as safe housing, a medical home, mental health services and food assistance. Each week as parents attend class, they receive a large package of free diapers. Baby University also provides free breakfast and lunch to families attending as well as transportation if they live in the South End. Upon completion of the 10-week workshop, they receive a $50 gift card. After “graduating” from Baby University, they are invited to continue their education with the Baby University Graduate Class.

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The Graduate Class uses an innovative, evidence-based approach called Mobility Mentoring (www.empathways.org) to empower parents to set goals for improved family stability, education and income. The aim of the Baby University Graduate Class is to empower families to become self-sufficient and end welfare dependency. Mobility Mentoring gives families the skills they need to navigate the difficult road out of poverty. Parents continue to meet with a specially trained Community Health Worker on a twice a month basis for goal setting and connection to much needed community resources.